Who We Are


About Us

Dongsung Finetec International, Inc. (DSFI) headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dongsung Finetec Co.,Ltd.(KOSDAQ 033500) a South Korean Corporation. We dominant and the only total supplier especially in cryogenic insulation business since 1995.DSFI provides a total solution for industrial insulation systems in North and South America. DSFI has a reputation as a world leader in cryogenic insulation for the LNG industry including, LNG plants, LNG Fuel & Bunkering vessels and storage tanks. DSFI has a 16 acres manufacturing/fabrication…

Our Vision & Our Mission

To create a beautiful world that the humanity dreams of with eco-friendly clean technology. We will keep our position as a leader in the industry with basic policy for best quality and service and create a company which can grow at any circumstances.


Our Leadership

Responsible Officers Harry Park / CEOharrypark@idongsung.com Andrew Shin / CFOhogonshin@idongsung.com Sales & Marketing James Choi / Vice Presidentjhchoi@idongsung.com Jin Lee / Managercjinlee@idongsung.com Accounting & Adm. Juan Venegas / Accountantjuan.v@idongsung.com Purchasing Ray Kim / Managersungdkim@idongsung.com