Spay Foam Insulation


Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulatoin for LNG/LEG/LPG Cargo Tanks

Dongsung Finetec Spray Foam System is designed to improve insulation efficiency, minimize the maintenance and reduce the cost, time and weight substantially. The Spray Foam System is developed for insulation of LNG cargo tank with temperature down to -163°C. The system has been developed and applied on LPG, LEG and LNG Fuel Tanks. Dongsung Finetec has delivered Eighty Three (83) LPG Tanks, Ten (10) LEG Tanks, and Fifteen (15) LNG Tanks for various customers.

Advantages (Compared to Double Wall Vacuum Insulation)

  • 30% reduces cost
  • 40% reduces lead time
  • 40% Reduces Weight

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