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Dongsung Finetec International, Inc.

Lake Charles, Louisiana—October 21, 2015—Dongsung Finetec International Inc., announced today that after more than three years of evaluating the US natural gas markets, it has moved forward with its plans to expand its operations from South Korea. Dongsung Finetec is well established as a world leading force in the development and manufacturing of many types of insulation, specializing in Cryogenic insulation.

Dongsung Finetec International Inc. has secured a lease with the Port of Lake Charles with the intention of developing a manufacturing facility. The facility will cater to the cryogenic industry and aspirations of the USA based LNG companies along with the full range of traditional insulation materials and service, such as hot, cold, personal protection and acoustics.


Dongsung Finetec Plans Cyrogenic Manufacturing Fac...

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